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Gayle Venegas


Gayle has been an animal lover all her life and has found the grooming industry to be rewarding on many levels. Gayle received her training through Flawless Pet Professional All Breed Grooming School in Redlands, California where she learned all the necessary skills and techniques to be a professional groomer. She received additional training at Lujan’s Grooming and Pet Supply in Fontana, California. She has owned and groomed many animals including her current pets: 4 dogs (two of which are rescue dogs), 1 cat and a horse. She is focused on providing quality customer service and a grooming experience that is enjoyable and fun.
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David Venegas

David loves animals and feels fortunate to be able to pursue this passion while working at Mission Grove Grooming. He is the proud owner of a rescue shih tsu named Chula and enjoys taking her for a walk every morning with his wife, Gayle. As the do-it-all guy for the shop, he is usually found working behind the scenes.
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Joan Durrant


Joan Faue-Durrant is an artist and photographer who also specializes in working with animals. She brings her intuition and love of dogs and cats to Mission Grove Grooming and is very excited to assist her Irish twin sister with this new and exciting endeavor! Her role will be that of assistant to Gayle Venegas. She will also be offering her skills as a photographer after her clients are bathed and groomed. You may view her online portfolio at:
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